Clear projection
Vivid colors

Black and white and full-color GOBO are now available. 

Taiwan Gobo logo圖
黑白GOBO LOGO 客製範例
Black and white GOBO

● High temperature resistant 200℃ glass
● Fine processing (0.002mm fineness)
● 1-to-1 customer service


單色GOBO LOGO 客製範例
Monochromatic GOBO

● Various colors, please contact customer service.
● High temperature resistant 200℃ glass
● Fine processing (0.002mm fineness)
● 1-to-1 customer service


全彩GOBO LOGO 客製範例
Full Color GOBO

● Precise color
● High temperature resistant 200℃ glass
● Fine processing (0.002mm)
● 1-to-1 customer service


How to order?

2 working days for delivery 


Confirm the size and pattern of the gobo .

Black and white or full color? We accept .ai, .cdr, and high quality jpg files.

Contact us

Send us the image, the name phone number and addres to or contact us.

Customer service will contact you and confirm the order .

We will send you a simulated projection preview and confirm your order. After confirmation and transaction of fee, then we will start production.

Start of production .

After the order is confirmed, the production time is 2 working days.

Contact us




No. 351, Yonghua 8th St., Anping Dist., Tainan City , Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

光玻片gobo logo 運作原理


Principle of GOBOS

The principle of GOBO can be thought of as a color mask, where a special coating on the slide blocks the light from passing through to "sculpt" the light and form an image.

How to choose the perfect GOBO?


Use glass material

The high light transmittance of glass makes the image clear. The temperature resistance of 200℃ can resist the heat of the light source to prevent the image from deterioration.


Focus on the details of the image

The image of light glass will be magnified hundreds of times by the projection lamp. If there is the slightest crack in the image, it will also be magnified a hundred times on the image. 


Confirm the image quality

Check with your GOBO manufacturer to make sure the image and color are correct and accurate. 

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