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GB-25 logo投射燈
GB-25 GOBO projector
The best-selling and best-value for most scenarios.

Best Value! 25 watts of brightness is sufficiently for most situations.

PB-05 攜帶型投射燈
GB-30 High Density Aluminum GOBO projector
Waterproof on three sides, whole body is made of aluminum casting and molded in one piece.

The color of this gobo projection is more realistic than ordinary projectors. Suited for museums and exhibition centers.  

PB-05 攜帶型投射燈
PB-05 Gobo Projector
Logo flashlight that can be charged by mobile power and is easy to carry.

Recommended for mobile booths. 

PB-05 攜帶型投射燈
GB-60 Long-distance high brightness GOBO projector

Dedicated for long-distance projection,  project up to 100 meters .

The whole body is made of aluminum casting and molded in one piece. Silent fan, 60W special LED light source. 

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Sturdy and reliable
1 year warranty



The principle of GOBO projectors

GOBO projectors can be broken down into 3 main parts. Light source, GOBO and lens. The light source is generated by LED, the pattern is formed by the GOBO, the focal length is adjusted by the lens, and finally the image is displayed on a flat surface.

How to choose the perfect GOBO projector?


High wattage

The higher the wattage, the higher the price of the GOBO projector will be. You should choose the appropriate wattage according to the site's light intensity . The 25W projection light is the most suitable for the outdoor environment, which is not harsh to the eyes.


Sturdy and durable

No worries! All of our products include a 12-month warranty. If the damage is not caused by human factors, our company will be responsible for repair. 


Easy to install

Plug in and blink. Our company sells GOBO projectors that are easy to install.


logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖

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