Full 1-year warranty.

All of our products come with a 1-year warranty.
All products are handpicked and quality controled to ensure high quality.

Special Effects Lighting

Red and Green Color Laser
Easy to operate.

The most economical and compact laser machine, easy to carry and full of effect. 

Editable Full Color Laser
Multi-functional programmable holographic laser .

Comes with laser design software, you can design your own logo and output the laser. 

Red and Green Dual-headHigh Power Laser
Wide-angle laser scanning mode.

Adopt higher power laser system with wide angle lens. There is use cases in farms and fish farms to drive away birds and other animals.  

Full-color Multi-picture Laser
Built-in multiple laser images for direct operation .

Full-color, clearer and more vivid laser configuration. Sound and remote control, suitable for stage and night indoor use. 

400W Portable Fog Machine
Just the right size for indoor smoke atmoshphere.

A puff of smoke is essential for ambience creation. Remote control operation, easy to carry. 

Fan Blade Type Bubble Machine
Blowing bubbles continuously for 1 hour

Bubble film is colorful and the light floating bubbles create a lively atmosphere. 

Water Ripples Lighting
Realistic flowing ripples atmosphere .

Dynamic ripple effect, you can switch between five colors, or single color to show only the texture of water. 

Fire Flaming Lighting
Flame simulating ambience .

The flaming flame can be switched with a button at the back. 

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