What is GOBO projector?



Logo projection light can easily break the habitual thinking of people. 
It stimulates people's curiosity.

Make your promotion to achieve the best and most beautiful publicity effect. High-quality graphics, text, etc. can be projected anywhere.
Logo projection light can easily break the habitual thinking of people. 

It can project the latest promotional information on the wall, floor, or anywhere through the form of light, and can add or enhance the effect of the scene by putting graphics on these places that match the atmosphere of the scene or the season.

GOBO projector features

  1. Environmental Friendly:Projection content can overcome the limitations of ordinary billboards and light boxes, such as high power consumption, easy to fade over time, easy to be ruined by man, pollution by painting; using the principle of optics imaging, less power consumption, light weight, no damage to the floor, ground, do not affect the environment and general planning of the venue, no pollution, strong wind resistance.
  2. Flexible and convenient content replacement: the projection lamp pattern content can be replaced; the equipment is invested once and used many times, this feature is convenient for staging and event promotion.
  3. Inexpensive: Traditional billboards and light boxes are very expensive and complicated to produce. The magic of the projection light beam can turn any inexpensive receptor (wall, road, floor, etc.) into a beautiful advertisement.
  4. Easy to install: Traditional light boxes are time-consuming and labor-intensive to install, consuming a lot of manpower and material resources and failing to attract consumers' attention for a long time. Projection lights will help you to save all the inconvenience, so that you can complete the previous tedious work in a short time.


The principle of GOBO projectors

GOBO projectors can be broken down into 3 main parts. Light source, GOBO and lens. The light source is generated by LED, the pattern is formed by the GOBO, the focal length is adjusted by the lens, and finally the image is displayed on a flat surface.



logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖
logo 燈投射示意圖

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